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Copy Makeover

Have me work 'copy magic' on your page!

Proven Hooks & Headlines

300+ fill-in-the-blank proven headline formulas for catchy content

Sales Page In A Post

Make sales on social with Sales Page In A Post!

Get It Write

Write with punch, personality, and pizzazz (and finally sound like 'you!') with these quick copy tricks! 

Perfect Proposal

Free! Sign dream clients with this quick and easy proposal template!

Profitable Service Providers

The step-by-step process to grow a successful service business!

Better Business Journal

This 365-day journal gives daily business-boosting prompts so you get practical insights and ‘ahas’ that grow your business!

Lucky Girl Journal

Create a positive shift in your life and business in just 5 minutes a day! This quick daily practice helps you become more motivated, optimistic and confident

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